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BASIC Calculations


For a transport and logistics company, it is crucial to start acting now. Not only because more customers are demanding proof of sustainability efforts, but also because regulations for achieving climate targets are being implemented ever more strictly by EU directives such as the CSRD or the CSDDD.

With Sustainable Transport, we turn a burden into a competitive advantage for our users! The TÜV-certified application lets you identify optimisation potentials, saves costs (e.g. through less CO₂ tax) and can generate more turnover!

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The “Basic Calculations” application is free of charge, suitable for quick, manual use and offers transport-, industrial- and commercial companies an easy introduction to emissions calculations. Since the data can be used, among others. in the tendering of multimodal transports, it represents an additional decision-making criterion alongside transit time and price, which users can incorporate in their tender offer and use this data as a competitive advantage!


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    Thanks to the alternative route planning option, the emissions of multimodal transports are being calculated for pre-main and/or on-carriage and can be compared against alternatives with lower CO2 emissions. The transport scenarios can be easily created and adapted to the route planning at any time.

    more advantages offered by the application

    customizable DASHBOARD 
    indication of refrigerated shipments possible
    all types and sizes of containers for sea freight selectable
    all fuel types and truck classes from 3,5 t – 72 t available for selection
    easy export of bidding data towards your customers
    Stefan Kauß
    Bitburger Braugruppe GmbH
    Head of Sustainability & Security

    Sustainable development is one of the main social and political challenges of our time. For this reason, we at Bitburger Braugruppe are continuously working on expanding our sustainability measures. The WAVES “Sustainable Company” module for calculating the corporate carbon footprint supports us in our efforts.

    Roman Farwick
    QL Logistik

    As QL Logistik, we chose WAVES as our sustainability partner because they take a holistic view on ESG issues and support us in transparently proving and reducing emissions. Not only for transports but also for our company locations.

    Tim Hoffmann
    Winnen-Pfab-Service GmbH & Co KG
    Sustainability Manager

    Winnen-Pfab-Service has stood for transparency in transport emissions for years. With WAVES, we are now taking emissions calculation to the next level of transparency. Now we are finally able to account for our emissions at shipment level, regardless of whether our own fleets or our network of partner companies are doing the transports.

    Francesco De Lauso
    CTL Cargo

    As CTL Cargo, we have the requirement to calculate the transport emissions of our entire network of over 150 transport companies according to pre-, main- and on-carriage at shipment level. WAVES is the enabler to make this requirement possible for us. Fully automated without much manual effort via a dedicated interface.

    Pierre Genten
    Fonk’s Backwaren AG

    We are striving for a BCorp certification with Fonk’s Backwaren AG. This was the reason for us to measure our company’s CO2 footprint and develop a plan on how to continuously reduce it. WAVES’ expertise and software enables us to measure the necessary key figures and helps us to determine the right starting points for improving our CO2 balance.

    Prof. Dr. Michael Bernecker
    Managing Director

    Sustainability has become a fundamentally important topic in our industry. We are aware of our responsibility and are always looking for ways to sensitise our team and explore new potentials for more sustainable action. With the Sustainability Management Platform from WAVES, we use an all-in-one tool that provides us with reliable and transparent data on the sustainability indicators that are relevant to us and our company.

    Sven Schnägelberger
    BPM&O GmbH
    Managing Director

    As a business consultancy, we have some Scope 3 emissions that we would like to reduce. With WAVES’ „Sustainable Company“ module for the calculation of our corporate carbon footprint, we are finally able to get the transparency we need to better manage our impact.

    Christoph Helfrich
    LGX Logicstics GmbH & Co KG
    Managing Director

    We have a great vision at LGX Logistics GmbH & Co KG. In addition to reducing our own emissions, the main goal is to help our customers reduce their supply chain emissions. Thanks to the WAVES Sustainability Management Platform, we can not only measure emissions correctly and thus create transparency, but also offer alternative transport options with lower CO2 emissions.

    Torben Gericke
    Rheinkraft International GmbH
    Strategic Sales Manager

    As a transport and logistics service provider, we work every day to optimise our customers’ shipment flows. Working with WAVES enables us to report shipment-specific CO2 emissions to our customers and partners, thus generating a transparent database for us to work on optimising our emissions.

    Markus Giesenkirchen
    DAKOSY Datenkommunikationssystem AG
    Head of Sales

    As Dakosy AG, we aim to offer our customers the best services and technology leadership and also tangible means for environmental protection. This requires powerful partners who support us. WAVES is our partner in our efforts to achieve climate neutrality and to grow our business in a sustainable way.


    In order to guarantee our customers reliable CO₂ data at all times, we have had the calculation of emissions in the Sustainable Transport module tested by TÜV Rheinland.

    The reviewers concluded that the methodology developed by WAVES for calculation in the Sustainability Management Platform (SMP) is scientifically sound, reflects the state of the art, and meets the requirements of the GLEC Framework and the EN 16258 standard, and thus issued a certificate.

    The validity is evidenced by the certificate ID at


    Do you still have questions about our products or are you unsure which solution is the right one for you? Request a free demo now.


    Do you still have questions about our products or are you unsure which solution is the right one for you? Request a free demo now.